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What are the best threads to use in quilting?

Choosing the best thread for your project requires knowing the thread’s basic properties, the options available, and what you need to meet. Many who find themselves in the fabric store for the first can easily be overwhelmed while staring at a wide variety of spools.

In quilting, choosing a contrasting or complementing color is very important. However, there are other factors you should consider when deciding which spool of thread you should purchase.

Sewing threads

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What is Quilting?

Quilting is the process of sewing together two or more layers of fabric to create a multi-layered textile. Typically, the layers consist of a woven top cover, batting or wadding for the middle layer, and a woven back. However, there are also many different styles.

The art of quilting is done to create bedspreads, wall hangings, clothing, and other textile products. Evidence of quilt work was traced in Asia in the late BC and early AD years. During the 12th century, the art became prominent in Europe when Crusaders discovered that wearing quilted garments under their armor offered more warmth and protection.

The early Puritans brought the craft to America, where it was used to create covers for doors and windows to reduce the cold.

What are the best threads to use in quilting?

Threads used in quilting projects often come in varying weights. Lower weight numbers mean heavier and more visible threads. Quilters use a wide variation of threads, from cotton, to Nylon, and decorative versions. Here are some of the top threads in the market.

Aurifil’s 50WT

Aurifil’s 50WT is one of the most versatile Cotton threads in the market. The 50WT is known for being strong and thin, which results in flat and crisp seams. This type of thread is most often used for piecing, subtle quilting, and topstitching. It also works well for Needle Turn Applique, Dense Machine Quilting, and Machine Embroidery.

The 50WT is produced using superior quality cotton threads. It is also virtually lint-free, which can leave you with less broken needles and fewer tension issues.

Mettler 60WT

A Mettler 60WT is a two-ply thread that is perfect for piecing and fine stitching. It is also used for hand and machine appliques. The 60WT has a high breaking resistance, shrinkage control, and ironing capabilities, making it one of the top choices among quilters.

The Mettler 60WT is thinner than the 50WT. The 60WT fine thread also makes a beautiful satin stitch with less bulk at the seams.

Mettler 40WT

The Mettler 40WT is a heavier (thicker) thread perfect for hand and machine quilting. The two-ply 40WT is made of pure cotton thread, making it the top choice for patch-working and decorative quilting.

Mettler’s 40WT passed through a mercerization process that helps make the thread colorfast, heat resistant, and highly durable. The method also reduces shrinkage, snagging, and knotting.

Superior King Tut 40WT

Superior King Tut 40WT is a three-ply Egyptian-grown cotton thread designed for home machine and longarm machine quilting, as well as topstitching. King Tut threads undergo the finest spinning, twisting, dyeing, and finishing processes to produce extremely low lint threads.

King Tut 40WT is available in over 100 solid and variegated colors. The variegated variations are precision-dyed with one-inch color changes.

Sulky 30WT

Thicker than the 40WT, the Sulky 30WT is commonly used for quilting, embroidery, topstitching, and other decorative projects. The 40WT thread is known for making beautiful and bolder statements on quilting.

The Sulky 30WT Cotton Blendables Thread offers a beautiful blend of different colors in the same range of tone and intensity. Each spool has random, subtle color changes every five inches.

Where can I buy quilting threads?

Pieceful Seams is a “full service” quilt shop in Victor, New York. They offer classes where you can learn quilting techniques. They also have fabrics and threads designed to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

If you’re new to the craft, Pieceful Seams is run by friendly in-staff quilters that could help show you the ropes to beginning and finishing any quilting project. Visit their website here.